St-Vital Centre

Winnipeg, Manitoba

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St-Vital Centre is the 2nd largest mall in the city of Winnipeg, with 160 stores and a 10 screen Silver City movie theatre, a beautiful food court with 2 fireplaces, putting you in a comfortable shopping atmosphere that makes you feel right at home. Upcoming BOMA for best certified building (going green) for summer of 2009.

General informations
Annual traffic 9,748,908
Number of stores 160
Gross area 926,747 ft²
Time spent per visit 78.5 minutes
Number of visits per month 4.4
Average purchase during a visit $ 81.45
Market population 655,350
Average household income $ 60,134
Source : The centres / Monday Report
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1225 St Mary's Rd Winnipeg,
Manitoba, Canada, R2M 5E5