Place Versailles

Montréal, Québec

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Place Versailles Montreal’s first enclosed shopping centre inaugurated back in 1963. Today with more than 224 stores, boutiques, services and restaurants has continued to feature a wide variety of amenities all found under the same roof. Place Versailles is situated at the intersection of Sherbrooke East & du Trianon Street near the Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine boulevard.

General informations
Annual traffic 8,000,000
Number of stores 224
Gross area 900,000 ft²
Time spent per visit 80.0 minutes
Number of visits per month 4.0
Average purchase during a visit $ 90.46
Market population 1,090,411
Average household income $ 57,100
Source : The centres / Monday Report
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7275 Rue Sherbrooke E Montréal,
Québec, Canada, H1N 1E9