Place D’Orleans

Ottawa, Ontario

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Owned by Oxford Properties Group, Place d’Orléans has a surface of 756,300 square feet, with everything you need. 180 stores and shops covering all grounds, from fresh groceries to a fitness centre, to fashion, to specialty shops. Orleans’ continued growth, combined with the long distance that separates it from other major shopping centres, suggests that the mall would be the first destination for Orleans shoppers.

General informations
Annual traffic 9,546,992
Number of stores 132
Gross area 760,365 ft²
Time spent per visit 66.7 minutes
Number of visits per month 5.3
Average purchase during a visit $ 67.29
Market population 848,681
Average household income $ 84,640
Source : The centres / Monday Report
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110 Place d'Orléans Dr Ottawa,
Ontario, Canada, K1C 2L9