Place Alexis Nihon

Montréal, Québec

Specialty Media

Place Alexis Nihon’s main appeal rests on the fact that it is able to meet all consumption needs, thanks to more than 100 stores that offer an abundance of products and services. Place Alexis Nihon is also home to 2 office towers and a residential building.

General informations
Annual traffic 15,000,000
Number of stores 100+
Gross area 389,000 ft²
Time spent per visit 66.4 minutes
Number of visits per month 5.0
Average purchase during a visit $ 68.80
Market population 1,404,087
Average household income $ 67,717
Source : The centres / Monday Report
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1500 Avenue Atwater Montréal,
Québec, Canada, H3Z 1X5