Windsor, Ontario

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Devonshire Mall has over 175 top brand named retailers, manufacturers and services. This mall, which attracts customers of all ages, also takes part in the Mall Walking Club co-sponsored by the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The centre has a fitness centre and a movie theater, and as this mall is only a few minutes away from the U.S. border, it attracts Canadians as well as Americans.

General informations
Annual traffic 5,872,006
Number of stores 161
Gross area 1,086,241 ft²
Time spent per visit 82.0 minutes
Number of visits per month 5.7
Average purchase during a visit $ 65.33
Market population 224,534
Average household income $77,700
Source : The centres / Monday Report
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3100 Howard Ave Windsor,
Ontario, Canada, N8X 3Y8