Carlingwood Mall

Ottawa, Ontario

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Carlingwood Mall sees on average 155,000 people per week. Also called Carlingwood Shopping Centre, it is located at the corner of Carling and Woodroffe, in Ottawa's west-end. The building is easy recognizable at the sight of the Sears department store and the Loblaws grocery store. It has over 120 stores and services for all you needs.

General informations
Annual traffic 7,800,000
Number of stores 125
Gross area 510,215 ft²
Time spent per visit 66.7 minutes
Number of visits per month 5.3
Average purchase during a visit $ 67.29
Market population 848,681
Average household income $ 84,640
Source : The centres / Monday Report
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2121 Carling Ave Ottawa,
Ontario, Canada, K2A 1H2